Ten years is only the beginning...


Scott Linden Jones, CEO and owner of IT Leaders, was born and raised on a farm in Northern NSW. With excellent scholastic results but no desire to formally study, Scott moved to South East Queensland and worked in sales until he landed a contract with an R&D company, allowing him to develop his business skills.

In this position, Scott became aware of the frustration small businesses experienced trying to access reliable IT help. "To me, this spelled opportunity. With computers becoming the backbone of the SME marketplace in the early 2000s, my vision was to build skilled teams of IT staff and provide excellent service at an affordable price."

With just $10,000 saved from his contracting role, he started IT Leaders, employed his first staff member, and rented a warehouse. Over the next 2 years the business grew quickly, with Scott putting in massive hours to ensure that he never lost a client. "I worked 100 hour weeks, grabbed naps when I could, and developed business systems and growth strategies in my 'spare' time.

"I sold everything I owned to fund growth. Motorbike, guitars, furniture - if it wasn't bolted down, or essential for the business, it went. At one stage I lived on rolled oats and fruit because it was cheap and nutritious, and slept in the loft of my warehouse. But I loved what I was doing, and believed in the vision."

IT Leaders grew 310% in its second year, and has maintained average growth of over 35% spanning more than 10 years. Scott attributes this to simple principles. "I grew up in a place where a man's word was everything, hard work got the job done, and people worked together for win-win outcomes.

Today IT Leaders operates from three offices, with two additional satellite offices. It has a strong client base, with significant numbers of Not-For-Profits, Professional Services and property industry clients.

"The vision of IT Leaders has shifted now from simply deploying and maintaining
IT infrastructure MG_4681,
to also finding new and innovative ways to deliver value.
We focus on reducing client risk and on improving client business productivity."
  -Scott Linden Jones

With this in mind it established a Cloud Computing division many years before other IT firms recognised its signficance.  That early start allowed it to refine a wide range of Private Cloud solutions, all of which are fully owned by IT Leaders, and all housed on Australian soil.  For many corporate and government departments, they want to source their Cloud services from the same provider as their support and project services - IT Leaders provides all of that and more.

In 2005 a young startup software called StreamLeader joined the IT Leaders Group.  Built by talented business consultant and software architect Anton Harrison Kern, it is an Enterprise Resource Planning software that rivals big name products that are between ten times and a thousand times the price.  Although it's biggest strengths lie in dealing with the complexity of the construction industry, today it's used in a diverse range of industries including construction, transport and trades.

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